What is that little blue and white sachet?

We get asked all the time, what is that little blue and white sachet in my packet of jerky or biltong?, is it safe to eat?

So, we thought we would go into a little bit more detail.  They are called oxygen absorbers and are added to our packaging to decrease the oxygen level within the sealed packet of jerky or biltong. We use these absorbers to maintain the safety of the product.   This means that when you snack on your favourite jerky and biltong it is tasty and ready to be enjoyed.

Oxygen Absorbers do not eat

Our absorbers bring the oxygen activity within the pack to less than 0.5%, meaning that bacteria are unable to grow and it is safe for you to consume.  They work by consuming any extra air and moisture that is in the packet once it is sealed.  The absorber itself has a short shelf life when exposed to air and that is why it is so effective in a sealed pack as it acts very quickly to absorb any air and moisture.

Our absorbers are made from active iron powder (a natural resource). In the unlikely event, you do consume the contents of the absorber, it will have no negative impact on your health. The material in the absorber is a mineral and safe for human consumption, although we wouldn’t recommend it.

Although relatively unheard of in the UK, oxygen absorbers have been used in jerky products in the United States for years, and are also very common in other ambient foods such as nuts, spices and dried fruits and vegetables.

So, next time you open your pack of jerky and biltong you’ll know exactly what the little blue and white pack is and why it is there.

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