What is Jerky and Biltong?

Our jerky is made using select cuts of beef silverside or brisket, and prime pork.  From our facility in the Highlands of Scotland, we hand prepare the meat, which is then marinated for 24 hours, slowly cooked and smoked.

Our jerky is then sliced and packed, to give you a tasty, nutritious and high protein snack.

wild west jerky

Find out more about how we make our jerky here.

Our Cruga and Bundu beef biltong is made using select cuts of silverside beef, to a traditional South African blend, which is sliced and air dried in our custom designed drying room that is unique to us.  The biltong is then hand-picked using a traditional skill brought from South Africa, before it is sliced and packed to ensure that you receive the biltong at its optimum moistness.

What is biltong? How's it made? And it's good for you.

We spend a lot of time sourcing our meat from throughout the UK, Ireland, and parts of northern Europe to ensure that our jerky and biltong is consistent in quality and taste.

Both jerky and biltong are highly popular snacks with athletes and anyone looking for an energy boost, as both products are high in protein and relatively low in fat. This also makes our jerky and biltong a relatively healthy snack when compared to products such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate, and hence why it’s also so popular as a snack at home, for those on the move and at work.

Jerky has its origins in North America with early settlers observing indigenous people preparing and eating a type of dried meat, which inspired them to develop the food we now know as jerky.

Biltong comes from South Africa, and again it was a dried meat the indigenous people produced which settlers from Europe took a lead from, and went on to develop biltong. Interestingly, the name biltong comes from the Dutch words ‘bil’, meaning rump, and ‘tong’ meaning strip or tongue. The name jerky seems less obvious when its roots are explored, but none the less it comes from the Quechua (an ancient language spoken in the Andes) word ch’arki which simply means ‘dried, salted meat’.


Another reason for jerky and biltong’s popularity is the fact that it’s so convenient to buy and store, as it doesn’t need refrigeration and, certainly for our range that you’ll find on this website, doesn’t need to be eaten straight away, and will keep for up to three days if the packet is resealed.  Making it perfect for when you are out and about or to just keep as a handy snack when watching TV.