Lamin Deen

Bobsleigh is a muscle pumping adrenaline sport that requires a mix of reaction, driver skill, speed/strength and team work. It is not for the faint hearted.

Lamin is a pilot on his team and began bobsleighing in 2006 after attending the army annual sprint race. He finished a not so shabby 3rd place, he was then scouted for the position of brakeman/pusher.

He loves racing down the ice tracks at high speeds of up to 100mph and up to 5G force in some of the bends. Lamin and team mates have nick named the sport “F1 on ice”

Lamin believes that protein is a huge part of a bobsleighers life and what better way to get it in then a delicious meat snack.

“I have attended 5 world championship and 1 Olympic Games and my aim (not dream) is to win a medal in the 2018 Winter Games”

We wish Lamin all the best for achieving his dream at the 2018 Winter Games.