5 things you always wanted to know about biltong

1.What is biltong?

Biltong is air-dried silverside beef that is sliced and marinated in herbs and spices before being hung in our purpose built drying room to air dry.  The beef takes between 4-8 days to dry and is checked by hand.  Once the biltong is ready it is hand picked then sliced and packed ready to be enjoyed as a tasty snack.

Biltong originated in from South Africa, and it was a dried meat the indigenous people produced which settlers from Europe took a lead from, and went on to develop biltong. Interestingly, the name biltong comes from the Dutch words ‘bil’, meaning rump, and ‘tong’ meaning strip or tongue.biltong-cropped

2. Healthy snack that’s high in protein

Not only is our biltong tasty and healthy as a snack but it is also a great source of natural protein. Red meat is an essential part of the human diet – and it’s an incredibly efficient source of a number of important proteins, amino-acids and vitamins.

Our beef is air-dried which removes all excess water and makes it possible to have such a high protein to weight ratio of around 55% protein.  One of the reasons why our biltong has such high levels of protein is that it takes 200g of raw beef to make 100g of biltong, so all the protein from the 200g of raw product goes into every 100g of our biltong.  This means that for every 100g of our beef biltong you’re getting 55.2g of protein.

3. Prepared by hand

All our biltong is prepared by hand with the beef being trimmed by the butchers for any excess fat, it is then sliced and rolled in the marinade before being hung by hand in our unique drying room.

During the time in the drying room we have a team of people who check, by hand and sight whether the biltong is ready to harvest.  This skill is handed on from team member to team member as it does include many variables, such as temperature both inside and outside the factory, the thickness of the beef and how much is hanging in the room at any one time.  This means that our team use their individual skill to ensure that the biltong is picked at the optimum time to ensure that you enjoy the best biltong there is.

biltong hanging room

4. Biltong lasts and it’s easy to store

The great thing about biltong and preserved meat is that is lasts.  Our biltong will last for up to 18 months when stored in cool, dry conditions in its original packaging.

You can then stock up on your favourite flavours and be sure that you’ll always have a pack laying around for when hunger strikes.

When you do open the pack then it is best to consume the biltong within three days however we are sure that the pack won’t last that long!

5. Where does our silverside beef come from?

Our beef biltong is extremely high quality as it is sourced from cows raised on mainly a grass fed diet, meaning it is of the highest quality, complies with all EU welfare standards and is free from growth hormones which can be found in products produced in other regions of the world.

All cattle raised in the UK and Europe have their feed topped up in the winter when all animals are in need of a little extra nutrition to get them through a northern European winter. This top up feed includes root vegetables such as carrots and turnip, plus some grain.

We have worked with our suppliers for many years and they know exactly the quality of silverside that we are looking for and sometimes like all the best products it costs that little bit extra.  This gives us the reassurance that when you get your packet of biltong, the beef we use is to the same high standard that you have come to expect.

Jerky and Biltong Cattle grazing

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