7 things you never knew about beef jerky

1. Jerky is low in fat and low in calories

Beef Jerky is made from silverside beef which is a lean cut of meat. With the jerky being marinated in only store cupboard ingredients this means that there is no fat added to the recipe and after the beef has been slowly cooked and smoked the jerky is low in calories with only 124 per 40g compared to other snacks like crisps (171 calories per 32.5g pack) and chocolate (320 per 60g bar).


2. It is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives

We believe that you don’t need to add anything artificial to jerky especially when you are starting with quality ingredients. Silverside beef tastes great as it is so why add anything. The whole process of making jerky is designed to preserve the meat so there is no need to add anything else just great tasting marinade and Applewood or Birch smoke and that’s it.


3. Jerky is also gluten free

No gluten means that you can enjoy jerky as part of a balanced diet. We also use gluten free soya sauce in all our recipes.


4. High Protein

Jerky is high in protein which helps keep your hunger at bay and is also perfect for repairing muscles after working out.

The protein in beef is of the high quality type.  It contains all of the essential amino-acids that are required by the human body.  The protein in beef is also highly digestible at around 94%. While essential proteins can be found in non-meat sources such as beans and wheat, the protein in these is less ‘efficient’ being only around 78% and 85% respectively.


5. It doesn’t need refrigerated so you can store it anywhere, your desk drawer, gym bag or in the car


6. Kitchen Store Cupboard Ingredients

The marinade includes only natural ingredients you’d find in your kitchen store cupboard such as honey, soy sauce, apply cyder vinegar, herbs including oregano, thyme and spices such as black pepper and cumin.  This means that jerky also has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, is gluten free and suitable for a paleo diet.
After the beef has spent time soaking up all the great flavours from the marinade it is slowly cooked and smoked turning the beef into jerky.


7. Jerky has been around for 100’s of years as it was the perfect way to preserve meat for a nomadic lifestyle


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