Back to school snacks and jerky!

back to school snacks and jerky

With the school holidays almost over it’s time to start thinking about how we can make that playtime and afterschool snack varied and yet healthy too.

Kids need something that will survive being transported in their school bag, be it on the school bus or by bike.  We’ve all experienced opening our bag to find a rather black, squished banana and that usually means it goes in the bin and we go hungry, which we don’t want for our kids.

That’s where a small bag of jerky comes in handy.

  1. High in protein so will keep hunger pangs at bay until lunch or dinner which means they can concentrate on learning an enjoying school activities
  2. Gluten free too
  3. It’s light so won’t weigh down an already heavy school bag
  4. Doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has an 18 month shelf life, so jerky will survive the school bag and being left in lockers for weeks on end
  5. For older kids high protein snacks is on trend so they’ll look cool whilst also being healthy too
  6. It’s also low in fat and calories too so you can feel good about packing them off to school with something healthy
  7. Jerky is an easy snack to prepare as it comes in a ready to eat, snack sized pack which can be grabbed out of the kitchen cupboard in the morning

If jerky’s not their (or your) thing then some other great heathy treats include:

  • Popcorn (un-sweetened kind though)
  • Dried fruit which is sweet and easy to store
  • Nuts full of protein however some schools do ask that nuts are not taken into the school grounds
  • Seeds the variety of seeds seems to be limitless these days so you’ll find something that everyone loves
  • Mix it all up with some trail mix by creating your own with seeds, nuts and dried fruits (you could include some jerky here too!)

And after we’ve sorted out the snacks that only leaves the uniform, the bag, shoes, stationery, gym kit, lunch money….……

To find find out where to stock up on jerky check here.

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