A Healthy Snack Guide for Going Back to Uni

Summer is over and back to school we go. Long days spent in the university library can often cause us to ditch the healthy summer diet we had. No longer are we thinking of our beach bodies because we’re now focusing on exams and deadlines. Long days and nights sat in the library lead us to the dreaded vending machines that are filled with sugary sweets or fat-laden snacks. We’re also going out partying which isn’t open-book-1428428_1920helping.

During uni, we’re all guilty of not feeding ourselves with the proper nutrition we need to survive during term time. If picking naughty snacks in the library is the demise of your health journey, never fear, we’re here to help. Whether you’re craving something sweet or salty, jerky is a fantastic alternative snack that is both nutritionally beneficial and tasty.


Fancy something savoury?

Wild West Original Beef Jerky: If you like the taste of pepper, this jerky is for you. Not too sweet with a slight kick of heat, Wild West Original will satisfy your cravings for a savoury treat. A 25g contains 38% protein and only has 79 calories.

Wild West Sea Salt & Black Pepper Salmon: Some people may not be sure about salmon and jerky, but we promise it is mouth-watering. It’s high in Omega 3, and we could all do with a bit of Omega 3 when we’re studying in the uni library (hello brain function). This jerky contains 30% protein.

Fancy something sweet?

Wild West Honey BBQ Beef Jerky: Smokey and sweet, Wild West Honey BBQ is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and it’s most definitely better than picking up a bar of chocolate. Don’t let the name fool you, Honey BBQ is still high in protein with 29% protein in a 25g pack. There is also only 77 calories per 25g packet.

Fancy something spicy?

Wild West Jalapeno Beef Jerky: Not too hot but spicy enough to give you the kick you need whilst studying. A 25g bag contains 30% protein and only 78 calories.



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