Biltong for a healthier eating plan

Are you still keeping your New years Resolutions? Did your Year start with a list of promised resolutions? 

Many of us have ‘Follow a healthy diet and excercise for so many hours each week’ to our list to trim down after the Festivities and winter comfort eating. We recognise the need for a healthy lifestyle, but it is sticking to it requires a strong mindset. Watching our diet means cutting down on snack foods and eating smaller portions in the evening. Or does it? There are healthy options such as biltong and fruit smoothies, which can help ease you into a new eating plan without piling on the calories.

Too many snacks can be harmful to our diets, if too many are consumed within a day and they are of a high fat content.  On the other hand, snacking or ‘grazing’ can help to keep our metabolism active if the right snacks such as biltong, salads, whole grains and fruits are eaten.

Our Biltong is silverside beef that has been cut into strips, trimmed of fat, marinated in spices, herbs and salt, then hun to air-dry.  The result is a savory snack that can be eaten fresh, or be stored for a long time without refrigeration.

We’ve recognised the need for snacks to  appeal to those wanting to ‘eat on the go’, therefor you can pick up our biltong in handy packs throughout the country.

Let us know how your getting on with your New Year’s resolutions?


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