Why does biltong have such high levels of protein?

Not only is our biltong tasty and healthy as a snack but it is also a great source of natural protein.

Our beef is air-dried which removes all excess water and makes it possible to have such a high protein to weight ratio of around 55% protein. The beef is then sliced and packaged ready for you to snack on. Our beef biltong is extremely high quality as it is sourced from cows raised from a mainly grass fed diet, meaning it is of the highest quality, complies with all EU welfare standards and is free from growth hormones which can be found in products produced in other regions of the world.

One of the reasons why our biltong has such high levels of protein is that it takes 200g of raw beef to make 100g of biltong, so all the protein from the 200g of raw product goes into every 100g of our biltong.  This means that for every 100g of our beef biltong you’re getting 55.2g of protein or 19.3 g in our 35g servings.

You can stock up on our biltong from most major supermarkets. Find out where here.

Cruga Biltong

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