Biltong Is An Ideal Survival Food

Our Biltong is made from 100% prime silverside of beef.  The beef is cured and dried. During the drying process the weight of the meat decreases by almost two thirds. Therefore, a 25 gram packet of biltong would have the equivalent nutritional value as an 80 gram lean steak. Biltong will take-up less space in the bags of athletes versus a steak, which of course is completely impractical to carry to the gym or when out and about.

Meat is needed as part of the nutritional diet for explores, sailors, mountaineers and trekkers. Biltong supplies the protein supplement they require in a very practical way. In addition to it being easy to pack, it also has a long shelf-life of at least a year and doesn’t require refrigeration so is not likely to perish even on the most ruthless of expeditions.

Nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining the performance and concentration of these endurance athletes. Biltong is very high in protein so makes it an ideal daily snack to keep them in peak condition.

One further reason is taste. Unlike many other dehydrated foods used by those embarking on long expeditions, biltong has a unique taste of meat, herbs and spices thereby satisfying hunger, nutrition and the taste buds!

Are you planning an outdoor adventure and wanting to buy biltong? Visit us online to find out where to stock up on your biltong.


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