Biltong the perfect snack to satisfy your snack cravings

The nutrition experts continually remind us not to go food shopping while hungry. This is all well and good, but for many people the best time to stock-up on grocery essentials is enroute home from work. This is often a time when we are at our hungriest (and tired!). Therefore, also a time that is most difficult to avoid throwing something into our shopping trolley to snack on our journey back home to cook our evening meal.

Hunger cravings often lead us to buying chocolates or sweets as they are easy to munch on while on the go. Many retailers have recognised our shopping habits and are in support of customers wanting to include more healthy options into their ‘snack-time’ diet. Many shops now stock meat snacks throughout the store. This meaty snack originated in South Africa and is considered a National Heritage food by many. With the immigration of South Africans into the UK there was a growing demand for biltong. This has not only been met by small retailers selling stock online, but a few biltong manufactures have expanded their production to supply  retailers making the availability of authentic South African biltong that much easier.

So, next time you run into the shops to stock-up on groceries look out for packs of Cruga Biltong, a meaty snack with a very low fat content, therefore a healthier, more nutritional snack versus popcorn or packet of crisps.

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