British Sandwich Week – What Do You Eat With Your Sarnie?

You might be a clean eating sushi and salad type of person, but did you know that a whopping 350,000,000 pre-packed sandwiches are sold in UK retailers annually? It’s safe to say that sandwiches are the convenient and favourite go-to snack for us all. But when popping down to your local store on your lunch break and reaching for the goodies in the meal deal, do you ever think about the health benefits of the snacks you’re picking up?

As it’s officially British Sandwich Week, we got investigative and asked some of our colleagues what their favourite snacks are when picking up a pre-packed sandwich for lunch. The answers didn’t surprise us at all; chocolate bars, crisps, popcorn, cakes and nut bars. None of our colleagues really thought of the health benefits of their snacking (how honest of them). Convenience seemed to be the most important factor, especially during work days.

Jerky is convenient, tasty and nutritionally beneficial, so why not choose it instead of your usual packet of crisps? Let’s compare the typical snacks that we eat with pre-packed sandwiches to jerky.

Protein Peanut Bar


Protein bars are a good way to meet your protein needs as well as curb your sweet tooth. However, they are often quite high in calories and saturated fat. A packet of Wild West Original Beef Jerky contains more  protein than this particular peanut bar, which had been marketed as being high in protein.



Crisps are a staple snack and a firm favourite with British people and their sandwiches. We all know crisps aren’t very nutritionally beneficial; they are higher in calories, fat, carbohydrates and have very little protein. As you can see above, compared to jerky, crisps probably aren’t the best choice.



Popcorn can be a better option than crisps if you’re watching your waistline. Popcorn tends to be lower in calories and fat. However, compared to our jerky, some popcorns are still higher in calories, fat and sugar.

If you’re watching your waistline or trying to increase your protein intake, jerky is a great snacking option.

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