How did we choose the new Men’s Health recipe?

As you may know we’ve just re-launched Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky with a new recipe and improved texture.  We’ve also made the pack 30g, so it is a handy post work out protein boost to aid your muscle recovery.

But why did we go about developing a new recipe?

We want to make sure that the Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky was as tasty as it could be yet was still free from sugar.

So, firstly, we developed three new recipes in our brand new development kitchen, based on ensuring we maintained the high levels of protein you’ve come to expect and as low levels of salt and sugar as we could go, yet still make a really tasty jerky.

Next, over 100 Men’s Health Magazine subscribers were sent the 3 samples of jerky and asked to rate them over various questions including: What they thought of the overall taste, texture and appearance of the samples? To rank the samples in order of preference?

Plus, we also asked them to tell us what aspects of a snack were important to them from taste, packaging, to no added colours and price.

The results: 70% of respondents chose the new recipe as the overwhelming favourite, with taste and price coming out as the top two factors that were important to them in a snack.

So now you’ve got a jerky that’s still has high levels of protein to boost your muscle recovery and is still really tasty too.

Stock up today and let us know what you think.

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