The Commonwealth Games are here, already!

It seems like yesterday we were watching the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and it was one of the most successful games for the home nations too.  But this year we turn our focus to the Gold Coast, Australia for what will no doubt be another action-packed game and Usain Bolt won’t be subjected to the Scottish weather when he watches the 100m finals!

Our athletes have spent the last four years training hard for this with an Olympics and numerous World and European Champions thrown in too.

Nutrition is one of the key aspects of being an athlete.  On top of the skill, dedication and focus that is required to complete on the world stage.

Athletes don’t just need a healthy balanced diet, they also need high protein and carb levels to ensure that they have the energy and recovery fuel on board day in day out.

Public Health England’s “One You” campaign suggests you should eat:

low calories


And snacks should be under 100 calories.

Compare that to an athlete that is consuming around 5000 calories a day- that’s quite a difference.  But as we are hoping to beat previous games medal achievements, our teams will need all the fuel the can get to reach the following targets:

Scotland – 30 medals

England – 130

Wales – 26

Norther Ireland – 6

With Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man sending teams too.hurdles

With 19 different sports from badminton to bowls, cycling to netball and triathlon to wrestling, there is a huge variety of sports to keep us all
on the edge of our seats. With athletes arriving in the Gold Coast daily to acclimatise.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 is on from the 4th to 15th April with coverage across the BBC.

We’d love to know who you’ll be supporting.


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