Cruga Biltong partners with Save the Rhino International

We’re delighted to be supporting Save the Rhino International to deliver meaningful change for wild rhinos in 2019. For every pack of Cruga Biltong sold, the Meatsnacks Group will donate to the charity.

We’ll be sharing our involvement through on-pack messaging, media and brand ambassadors, as well as highlighting Save the Rhino’s International cause, charitable work and that of their dedicated in-field partners.

Black rhino calf Meimei, Ol Jogi Conservancy, Kenya (C) Save the Rhino InternationalJames Newitt, Managing Director, Meatsnacks Group comments ‘We wished to partner with a charity that many of us at Meatsnacks Group are passionate about. There is also a meaningful connection with biltong, being an authentic African style meat snack. Cruga and Save the Rhino is an exciting partnership for us to be aligned with and we look forward to helping to raise monies and support for this charity”.

All 5 species of rhino around the world are under threat, with fewer than 29,000 surviving in the wild.

Michaela Butorova, Partnerships Manager, Save the Rhino International adds: “Collaborating for conservation is at the core of our work at Save the Rhino, and we’re thrilled to team up with Cruga Biltong to protect this iconic species in the wild. It’s shocking that today, three of the five species of rhino are Critically Endangered, and two of them have fewer than 80 animals left. The good news is that together we can stop the key threats of poaching and habitat loss and give rhinos a chance to thrive in the wild. We are excited to launch our partnership with Cruga Biltong, raising crucial awareness and funds for rhino conservation across the globe.”

The mission of the partnership is to raise over £10,000 in 2019 to go towards rhino conservation around the world, supporting activities such as:

  • Anti-poaching and monitoring patrols
  • Community conservation programmes
  • Environmental education
  • Translocations to reintroduce rhinos to former habitats
  • Veterinary work
  • Captive breeding programmes
  • Demand reduction activities to reduce the demand for rhino horn

We’re excited about delivering a meaningful change to wild rhinos and partnering with Save the Rhino International to show our commitment towards this planet and the future of one of its most endangered species.

You can support too by buying the Cruga Biltong packs where you see the Save the Rhino International logo.

Find out where to buy Cruga Biltong here.

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