The Battle of the Protein: Biltong v Tending Fitness Foods

When you think of trending foods for 2018, avocado and poached eggs are strong contenders on the Instagram front, with nearly every ‘foodie’ posting photos of their smashed up green sludge. As much as we’re bored of the site of that, today we are talking about trending foods for the fitness fanatic. Specifically protein-based trends.

We’re all crazy for protein. We want to see quick results and we want the food we eat to help us along the way. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of these food trends; often the food looks deliciously enticing and healthy but when you read the label, the excitement quickly dwindles.

We have selected some protein based foods that are trending right now on social media to compare to biltong. You will probably scroll down your phone and see them at some point today, so lets find out if these trending foods are actually healthy.

Protein Peanut Butter

Protein peanut butter is a definite favourite amongst gym goers.peanut butter Whether you like it smooth or crunchy, peanut butter satisfies your need for something salty. How lucky are we to be able to indulge in peanut butter that is healthy and high in protein? Well, is it healthy? We’ve selected a trending protein peanut butter that is on the market today:

25g of Protein Peanut Butter Contains:

145 Calories

11.5g of Fat

7.5g of Protein


Protein Balls

Protein balls have been all the rage in 2018. Protein BallsWho knew ball shaped protein could be so appealing? Protein balls are tasty, dense and they come in pretty packaging (perfect for snapping a quick pic for social media). We’ve picked a random protein ball that’s currently on the market:

184 Calories

7.1g of Fat

13g of Protein


Protein Cakes/Flapjacks

Cake?! Cake can be healthy? We all love cakes and flapjacks, so one that’s marketed as being high in protein and healthy is an exciting thing for us people with a sweet tooth. But are these things actually healthy? We took a random protein flapjack off the shelf and this is what it looked like:

This 53g Protein Flapjack contains:

237 Calories

14g of Fat

8.0g of Protein


Protein Spread

We’re guilty for loving a bit of chocolate spread on our toast in the morning, so how amazing is it that chocolate flavoured protein spreads are trending this year? They definitely make breakfast time less boring, but are theProtein Spready high in protein and good for us? Let’s find out:

This 33g serving of protein spread contains:

176 Calories

13g of Fat

20g of Protein


Cruga Biltong

Cruga Biltong is high in protein, low in calories and fat. It’s also low in sugar and carbohydrates. So let’s see how it compares to the protein food trends in the market:

A 40g bag of Cruga Biltong contains:

110 Calories

1.8g of Fat

22.1g of Protein

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!


There you have it with the latest protein fads. Maybe some aren’t as nutritionally beneficial as others, but it is your choice on whatever you decide to eat. However, try not to let the pretty packaging fool you too much.

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