Dry January is here!

After all the excesses of the festive season it’s time to start 2017 off on a healthier note and we are here to help!  You can enjoy guilt free snacking all the way through January just by stocking up on some jerky or biltong.

We know that many of you enjoy eating jerky or biltong washed down with a bottle of water.   So make this one of your new years resolutions, take up healthy snacking as part of Dry January and make it one new years resolution that you’ll keep.

We promise to continue making jerky and biltong using only finest ingredients we can find from prime silverside of beef to the herbs and spicy that we use to flavour it.  Plus, we’ll continue to not add any artificial colours, flavourings or additives and our jerky and biltong will continue to be gluten free.

So, what are you waiting for?  Make 2017 a year of healthy snacking!

Find out where you can buy our healthy snacks here.

Jerky and sport

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