How to get through Dry January and start the new year off right

Now that all the festivities are over, we’re all preparing to get back to our normal day to day activities and get our diets back under control.  We all enjoy a bit of the over indulgence that comes with Christmas and New Year, too much rich food, sweet treats and drinks all adds up to extra calories.ChristmasNibbles

So now that January is here it’s time to get our diets back under control, they’ll be plenty of advice out there: online, on TV and in the papers, but ultimately it’s up to us which route we take.  Full on diet or just get back to eating a healthy balanced diet with moderate alcohol intake.

Usually reducing the amount we eat and alcohol we drink will have an impact on our diet throughout January.  Once back at work you can get into a routine of when and what you are eating without the temptation of having your own kitchen next door or eating everything your host serves up.

Look at what you are snacking on between meals, gone are the mince pies and we should go back to fruit, nuts and jerky.  Try taking a handful of nuts (not dry roasted!) with you as a mid-morning snack, there’s also something to be said about an apple a day, not only one of your 5 a day but full of fibre to fill you up until lunch and not forgetting a pack of jerky, 25g contains 37% protein and as protein is an appetite suppressant jerky can be used to beat that mid-afternoon slump until you get home.

Plus, our packed lunches will generally be healthier than lots of turkey dinners with all the trimmings too.  As good as these are it’s best not to eat them everyday of the week!  Why not try a mixed salad with grilled chicken breast or our jerky and quinoa salad.

Are you taking part in dry January or will you be just reducing your alcohol intake and going back to a few glasses of wine or a couple of pints on a weekend?  Whatever you decide you’re bound to feel better by the end of January when the nights will be getting slightly shorter too.  Try pairing a small glass of wine or half pint of craft beer with your favourite jerky.

Stock up on all your favourite flavours and our new chicken and salmon jerky to see you through the rest of January.

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