Happy American Independence Day

The USA, the home of jerky although we’ve been making jerky ourselves for the past 5 years in the UK and before that we were importing it from south American since 2003, so feel we have some experience in bringing you great tasting jerky.

The Americans love it, with walls of jerky available in supermarkets and corner stores and we are on a mission to bring you walls of jerky to the UK and Europe too.

jerky display

What flavours would you like to see in jerky?  Any other proteins?  The US have bison and wild boar jerky and have started to sell flavours such as Honey Peach BBQ, Cabernet Rosemary and basil citrus.

Last year we launch Wild West Deli Beef Jerky with a tasty Chilli and Lime and Thai Spice flavour to bringing this theme of new and exciting flavours to the UK for the first time.

Our salmon jerky will be here soon, so just watch this space (taste delicious too!)  Salmon jerky is big on the west coast of the States so we’re sure that you’re going to like it.  Our salmon jerky will be made from farmed Atlantic Salmon, whereas the US version comes from Alaskan breeds of salmon and they both taste very different with the Atlantic salmon having a softer texture to it.  Which we’re sure you’ll like.

Our Wild West Jerky does look American, with the cowboy and cacti scene and the sheriffs badge on the logo, but it was actually started on the ‘wild’ west coast of Scotland, and it can be pretty wild there too.  Staring out on the Isle of Lewis which is known for being windy and wet, partly due to being the 1st landfall off the Atlantic.  Wild West Jerky began life in a small building next to the community fire station.  In fact, Richard who started Wild West Jerky is also a retained fire fighter!

Lewis where Wild West Jerky started

Back to America, independence from the British Empire was declared on the 4th July 1776 when the 13 American colonies declared themselves to be states and to form a new nation, the United States of America.  We won’t go into the full history here about the wars of independence and the rise and fall of the British Empire.

Now Americans celebrate Independence Day with a national holiday and family and friends getting together to enjoy a BBQ and fireworks.

How will you spend it this year?  Hopefully snacking on jerky, goes great with a beer at a BBQ.

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