Packing For a Day Hike

Spring is here! It’s time to escape the office and start getting that much needed Vitamin D! If you’re planning on doing more hiking or trail walking this spring, here is a list of items that you will need to bring with you.

Sun Protection

The UK might not be hot right now, but you still have to protect yourself from those nasty UVA rays. Whilst you’re not likely to get burnt anytime soon, being outside at a higher altitude means UV levels increase. So pop the sun screen on and thank us later.

First-Aid Supplies

You never know what could happen when you’re out on a hike. Whether you’re climbing a hill, munro or mountain, you need to be properly equipped if something goes wrong. Make sure you’re carrying a small pair of scissors, bandages, plasters and anti-septic wipes.


Hiking can really take it out of us, especially if it’s an all day excursion. Make sure you bring lots of snacks to keep you going. Pssst – jerky is a great option. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated so shove it in your back pack and you’re good to go!


You might be on a day hike, but you could get lost. Make sure you have a torch with you in case it starts to get dark. You don’t want to be stranded up a hill in the pitch black.


Make sure you bring plenty of water. You have to replace the fluids you have lost whilst walking/climbing. Not bringing enough water can lead to discomfort.

Spare Socks

You’ll be happy to change into a fresh, clean pair of socks at the end of your hike.


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