Horsepower 2016: The team are home after the Djenghi-Djer Expedition

The Horsepower 2016 team are finally back in the UK from their Djenghi-Djer Expedition. They were riding horseback whilst exploring the relatively unexplored and poorly documented valleys of the Djenghi-Djer mountain range in southern Kyrgyzstan. Their goal was to attempt the unclimbed peaks at c.4,000m – 4,700m in the region.

The team had a successful time in the mountains despite having to battle through some severe weather conditions! They told us that their horses were very lively which made for great riding. The presence of wolves and other wildlife also made the expedition even more exciting.

The team did a lot of exploring, setting up four base camps and climbing five first ascents at heights up to 4,436m. They also enjoyed their jerky rations and they found it was excellent for eating on horseback and atop summits.

We would like to congratulate the team for all their hard work and we hope our jerky keeps giving them the fuel to go further!

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