Horsepower Djenghi-Djer Expedition

Wild West Beef Jerky is delighted to support the Horsepower Djenghi-Djer Expedition in Kyrgyzstan throughout July. The team will be riding horseback whilst exploring the relatively unexplored and poorly documented valleys of the Djenghi-Djer mountain range in southern Kyrgyzstan. The team are hoping to attempt the unclimbed peaks at c.4,000 – 4,700 in the region.
The group consists of Sandy, Sam, Calum, Mark, Struan and Neil, who have been tripping together since their school days. Despite having differing careers and living on the opposite sides of the globe, the team meets up a few times a year in attempts to satisfy their appetite for adventure.

Wild West Beef Jerky has supported the teams adventures over the last few years; crossing Iceland on foot, driving from Inverness to Tajikistan (and back) to find unclimbed peaks and climbing up to 6,000m in the Indian Himalaya. Struan explains:

“I remember an evening a few years ago, at the end of a grueling long day’s hike across the barren ‘Sprengisandur’ in Iceland- we all divvied up our servings of Wild West to add some flavour to our otherwise equally desolate pasta dinners. The portion size debates were intense, but even the smallest sliver of jerky picked off the volcanic ash where our tents were pitched was a treat to conclude the day”

Wild West wishes the team all the best for their expedition, and we hope there isn’t too much fighting over the jerky rations throughout the trip!

Keep an eye out throughout July to see what the team get up to on their expedition.

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