How to Stay Motivated over the Christmas Period

Christmas is an incredibly difficult time to stay motivated with your fitness and health journey.  It’s socially hard to turn down copious amounts of alcohol and tasty Christmas foods. It’s much easier to stay cosy at home eating and drinking rather than heading out to the gym. It’s normal to feel unmotivated in December, so here are some tips on how you can stay motivated over the Christmas period.


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  • Don’t rely on motivation, rely on commitment

You have made a commitment to your goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or meeting a fitness target. Your motivation will always go up and down and it’s normal to lose motivation over Christmas. However, your commitment to your goal should remain the same. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or you’re raring to go, the commitment should still be there.

  • Plan your training

Plan your training ahead of time. Keep note of your targets for the Christmas period, check when the gym is open and work around social and family commitments. Creating a schedule for the Christmas period is a great way to keep on top of your workouts and it will keep you accountable.

  • Use bodyweight

Is the gym closed for a long period of time? That’s okay. Get out there and run or use your bodyweight exercises in your house to keep your fitness levels up.

  • Get social with like-minded people

Ask friends or family members to join you at the gym or out on your run. Having like-minded people around you will keep you motivated. You can keep each other accountable too.

  • Go for shorter and higher intensity workouts

You probably don’t have as much time as usual for your workout sessions. Cut the time down and do more high-intensity training. Whether that’s doing fewer reps on a higher weight or doing HIIT, you’ll save time and keep going towards your goal.

  • Bring your gym kit to work

It’s very easy to go out with your co-workers for after work drinks this time of year. Bring your gym kit to work and get changed into it as soon as you’re finished for the day. That way, you’re in the right mindset for a workout and nobody is going to convince you to change back into your work clothes.

  • Be balanced

It’s okay to allow yourself to have a treat this time of year. If you restrict yourself too much you may cause yourself to have a big blow out on all the Christmas foods and drinks you’ve been trying to avoid. Allow yourself to have a treat and stick to your workout plan. It’s all about balance.


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