How you can include biltong as part of a healthy, balance diet.

There’s any amount of methods to losing weight and you can spend a lot of good money on bad advice. The best way to lose weight is to not eat quite as much and to take a little healthy exercise. Forget extremes – a sandwich a day and three hours in the gym – they’ll kill you quicker than over eating. Reducing portion size and continuing to eat three healthy meals a day, combined with a little moderate level exercise every day can work wonders. The problem with reducing portion sizes is that it tends to encourage a higher incidence of ‘snack attacks’. The good news is that not all snacking is bad – and here are some tasty, tempting alternatives.

  • Trail Mix (1)Fruit and nuts: Packed with calcium, potassium and lots of vitamin C, dried apricots are an essential snack attack survival method. Almonds go rather well with them and are high in fibre, protein and vitamin E.
  • Smoothies; homemade smoothies are best. Concentrated fruit juices, like Coke contains loads of sugar, so are best avoided (for the sake of both your waist line and teeth). Smoothies, however contain healthy ingredients like fibre in addition to counting towards the essential five a day – also a great option for kids.
  • Chocolate; this is off the snacking menu for good, of course, isn’t Chocolate (1)it? Not necessarily. Dark chocolate containing a high percentage of cocoa solids is actually considered good for you – in moderation! It’s an excellent source of antioxidants and is believed to be good for reducing high blood pressure. Naturally there are some calories involved here, so tread carefully.
  • Biltong; now if you haven’t already discovered this, add the experience to your snack list. Biltong is a dried meat snack traditional to South Africa. The curing process involves air and lots of delicious herbs and spices; at 2% fat, 70 calories and 54% protein per 25g serving this is the high protein, low calorie, high flavour snack of choice. Biltong can also be added to a range of healthy meal plans to add great flavour to a dish.biltong-cropped

Snacking needn’t be the death knell for this month’s good intentions, but sensible healthy snacking on fruit, nuts, biltong, with the occasional chocolate treat, can help to control your appetite, reduce portion sizes and keep you on track to the perfect weight and the new you.

Find out where to sock up on biltong today.

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