I Don’t Enjoy Exercising or Eating Healthy. What Should I Do?

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Some of us are motivated people who enjoy exercising, eating right and taking care of ourselves. However, a lot of us do not find a healthy lifestyle fun or enjoyable. The benefits of being healthy are great, but for most of us, the healthy lifestyle takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline.


Here are some tips for those of us who hate eating healthy and would do anything to avoid the gym:

Just start doing it

In order to start to enjoy exercising and eating healthy, you actually have to start doing it! If you want to get decent results with your fitness journey, you will have to learn to accept that exercising and eating a healthy diet has to be done. If you’re not trying hard enough and not putting enough consistency in your workouts in order to enjoy them, you will not see decent results.

Get out of your comfort zone

It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whatever is stopping you from pushing yourself further; whether it’s procrastination, embarrassment or fear, you will never reach your full potential in the fitness realm. You have to be prepared to push yourself for your own personal development.

Healthy food does not taste horrible

Healthy food may be a shock to your system when you first start eating it, but after a while, your taste buds will adapt to enjoy less sugar and salt. Plus, biltong is healthy and delicious. Go figure!

Set yourself fitness targets

It’s easy to get caught up in aesthetics when we’re on a fitness journey. The number on the scale can dictate our emotions and our athletic performance. It’s a good idea to set yourself short and long-term fitness goals that are unrelated to weight and looks. Do you want to work your way up to lifting heavier weights? Run a mile in a shorter time? Be able to do more reps? Whatever it is that keeps you motivated, make this your main target. The aesthetics will follow.


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