Is a Black Friday deal worth it?

It is if you’ve been planning to stock up on that item anyway.  It’s a great way to start off the Christmas shopping too. But make a list and plan what you’re going to do.

Our top tips:


Plan out what key items you are needing to buy and where would you normally go to buy these.  That way on the day you’ll have time to shop around and won’t go for the first offer you see.


Make sure that
you put aside some time to browse all the offers and read all the emails you’ll get on the day.   This way you won’t just accept the first offer on the Timefirst item you find.


Shopping should be fun, so make it enjoyable, sit in your favourite chair, put on your favourite tunes, make a cuppa and get your favourite snacks to hand.  This way you’ll not be distracted from searching for the best deals and will enjoy the experience.


Think about delivery options too, do you need next day delivery or could you take a longer delivery time and save yourself a few pounds?  Then you should look at the dates will there be someone in to receive all your parcels or can you ask a neighbour to sign for them.Delivery

And as we’re all about some great tasting meat snacks we’ve got a few deals on too over the weekend. Check out the Facebook page.


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