It’s Time to Refuel – Try These Snacks after the Gym

You’ve had a good gym workout and now you need to refuel your body. Whether you’re ravenous or feeling a bit full and woozy from a heavy sweat session, it’s really important that we feed our bodies. If your goal is to burn fat, you don’t have to overdo it and eat more calories than what you’ve burned in the gym. Getting a good combination of protein, complex carbs and a little fat is the perfect way to refuel your body after exercise.

These tasty snacks will hit the spot.

Cottage Cheese


Slap it on a cracker and you’ve got yourself a yummy high protein, low calorie snack.




How do you like your eggs? Boiled, poached, scrambled? Whatever way you eat them, they are a great option for after the gym. They are high in protein and only around 70 calories each.




Complex carbs are good for after exercising, so have a banana and smash in some potassium.



It might go against everything you believe, but eating a little fat after the gym is not a bad thing. Hummus contains protein and carbs and it can be great for after a really rigorous workout.


Protein Shake


Looking for a quick protein fix that you can quickly drink down right after the gym? Give protein shakes a try. There are so many options out there; you can virtually get any flavour and there is a wide variety of formulas to choose from.



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High in protein, low in fat, low in calories and low in carbohydrates, need we say more?

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