Jerky and Biltong become essential part of the kit for disaster relief in Nepal.

Cruga Biltong and Wild West Jerky are the latest brand to be included in the post Disaster Relief deployments to Nepal running from March to August 2016 by World Air Group.
After a tragic period of natural disasters worldwide since 2010, namely Haiti, Chile, Japan and most recently the Nepal earthquakes World Air Group have been called upon to go above and beyond the provision of aircraft. A specialised Disaster Response Team has been assembled to transport and accompany Relief supplies to Disaster Zones by air, with medical teams and co-ordinators to further extend our knowledge and experience when on the ground. We operate in urban and rural regions which are affected by the emergency, so food and fuel to keep the team nourished is a vital part of our operation.
Christopher said, ‘Wild West Jerky and Cruga Biltong are an essential part of our kit for the team, providing lightweight, nourishable snacks for the team on the go in Disaster Areas. Full of protein, exciting flavours and a fantastic taste, these are one of the most important parts of our kit to be included when we respond to disasters worldwide.’
Christopher Bliszko is owner and founder of World Air Group, a top 20 aviation charter broker in Europe, who provide commercial passenger and cargo aircraft, business jets, aero medical evacuations and specialist Disaster Response services.
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