Jerky Flavours That Are Under 100 Calories

There’s a lot in the media at the moment about how many calories we should be consuming per day. Public Health England have suggested new guidelines about how many calories we should be eating per meal.  This is on top of the new guidelines that advises parents to limit their children’s snacking to twice a day at 100 calories or less. You can find out more about the One You campaign from Public Health England here.

Finding where to start can be quite confusing. To help, we’ve put together a list of our jerky flavours that are under 100 calories. You can pack these into your child’s lunch box or snack on them yourself to ensure that you are meeting the calorie guidelines on a daily basis.

  • Wild West Original Beef Jerky 25g – 79 Calories: This is the OG jerky. Classic in taste and full of flavour, Wild West Original has a slight peppery tang.
  • Wild West Jalapeño Beef Jerky 25g – 78 Calories: If you prefer your jerky to have a bit more kick, Jalapeño is the way to go. Not too spicy that it will blow your socks off, but warm enough to give you a gentle kick.
  • Wild West Fajita Spice Chicken Jerky 25g – 72 Calories: If you’re not a beef lover, why not try chicken? Our Fajita Spice flavour will give you the taste of Mexico.

All our jerky flavours are low in carbs and fat, so they make a great snack for people who are following a keto or paleo diet.

Let’s see how our jerky compares to some of your other favourite snacks:


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