JERKY G&T; The Ultimate Gentleman’s Drink for National Jerky Day

In response to the growing demand from drinks ethusiasts for more interesting and unusual flavours and infusions, Wild West Jerky has teamed up with Seven at Brixton to create the first ever jerky infused gin, offering an exciting alternative to the classic G&T in time to celebrate National Jerky Day on the 12th June.

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Wild West Jerky and Seven at Brixton have collaborated to create a unique G&T with an unusual combination of jerky infused gin. The peppery, savoury flavours of the jerky complement the crisp, freshness of the gin, to create a cocktail that is both sweet and savoury on the palette, with subtle smokey notes to finish.

David Marsland Curator of Drinks Enthusiast, one of the UK’s leading guides to drinks, bars and restaurants, comments, “There has definitely been a recent rise in the ‘modern man’ who is looking for a more sophisticated drink to enjoy whilst out with friends, and who is not afraid to opt for a cocktail over a pint.”

“The Jerky G&T is the perfect option as not only does it pack a protein-heavy punch, its combination of peppery jerky and crisp gin makes for a great, smokey taste that complements any occasion. These days guys are looking for an alternative drink that taps in to their adventurous spirit and taste, and the Jerky G&T meets these needs and in my eyes is a great gentleman’s drink.”

This limited edition Jerky G&T is available throughout June at Seven at Brixton for just £5.00. But for those who want to try to make their own at home, Wild West Jerky has revealed the secret ingredients and methods to recreate your own bottle of Jerky Gin and Jerky G&T.

Jerky Gin


• 70cl bottle of gin

• X3 packets of Wild West Original Beef Jerky


• Strainer

• Large bowl

• Filer paper

• Funnel

• 70cl glass gin bottle


• Empty X3 packets of Wild West Original Beef Jerky into the 70cl bottle of gin and screw the lid on tight

• Shake the bottle well and leave to one side

• After 24 hours pour the gin through the strainer into a large bowl

• Remove the jerky from the bottle and rinse the bottle well

• Place the filter paper in the funnel and pour the jerky gin into the empty gin bottle

• Screw the lid back on tight and enjoy

Jerky G&T


• 35ml of Jerky Gin

• 5ml Angostura Bitters

• Bottle of tonic water

• Handful of ice cubes

• Garnish of orange peel


• Tumbler glass


• Fill tumbler glass with ice

• Add 25ml of Jerky Gin and 5ml of Angostura Bitters

• Fill up with tonic water

• Garnish with orange peel

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