Making biltong or buying biltong?

For some people, making biltong is an easy and enjoyable task. It may initially seem quite straightforward and as effortless as preparing a Christmas dinner for the family. But, it is in fact far from that. The preparation work involved is time consuming and hard work. For the majority of us, we work long hours, have homes and families to look after without the added task of making your own biltong. Hence, Cruga Biltong have made this easy by making biltong to a traditional, well loved South African recipe.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the enthusiasm of wanting to make things and be creative, in fact we are all for it. However, when it comes to satisfying a powerful biltong craving there’s really only one choice – no hassles, no dehydrating, no marinating, no spices, we do it all for you. We don’t just make biltong, we make the best Biltong in a choice of original, peppered, tandoori and chilli flavours.

Find out where you can get yours.

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