Meatsnacks Group launches KRAVE jerky and biltong


KRAVE is going to challenge the traditional perceptions of jerky and biltong, targeting a new, social foodie consumer with pioneering flavours to disrupt and challenge the status quo in the jerky and biltong category.

KRAVE has been created to drive penetration by bringing new consumers to the category. Krave is brought to you by us at the Meatsnacks Group, category leaders in jerky and biltong and bringing you the latest innovations in the category, first.

KRAVE is different in design and flavours to other brands and own label currently on the market, yet still adheres to the principle of helping customers make healthier choices through offering “better for you” products.

This KRAVE range is underlined by key attributes:
• a handcrafted product made from grass fed beef;
• low in calories per pack,
• high in protein
• gluten free
• and for Salmon, high in omega 3.

Consumer and market research output concluded there was space for a new category brand to increase category penetration.

The packaging designs are vibrant and accentuate the quality of ingredients as well as to highlight the on-pack messaging, such as the calories and protein per pack.

Krave will launch with three exciting flavours:

• Krave Szechuan Pepper and Ginger Salt Beef Jerky
• Krave Warm Chimichurri Beef Biltong
• Krave Zesty Lemon & Dill Salmon Jerky

Available to order today just visit our Stock our products page to enquire and a member of the sales team will come right back to you.

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