National Poultry Day

It’s National Poultry Day, and if you prefer our feathered friends to beef, then you might be excited to learn that Wild West does chicken jerky too.


Our chicken jerky comes in a tantalising Fajita Spice flavour, using only 100% British chicken breast. We follow a very similar process to our beef jerky; our butchers thinly slice the chicken, marinate it using store cupboard ingredients, and then it’s slowly cooked and smoked. Like all our snacks, chicken jerky is high in protein, gluten free and has no added MSG. We think it tastes pretty good too!

We’ve also been adventurous and have further expanded our proteins buy delving into the world of salmon. Our salmon jerky is made on the banks of the River Spey, following the same principles and techniques used when making beef and chicken jerky. The salmon jerky comes in two delicious flavours including; Sea Salt & Black Pepper and Chilli. It’s also high in protein and Omega 3.

So, if you fancy something a little different to beef jerky, why not try our chicken or salmon? Let us know if you’ve tried it and tell us what you think!

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