New to the Gym This January?

You’re not the only one! But will you stick it out for longer than a couple of weeks? Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated to stick to your New Year’s resolution.

aerobics-brand-color-39671Don’t be embarrassed or intimated  

Often when we first start going to the gym, we can be embarrassed by our lack of fitness ability, our clothes, the way we look or our lack of experience with the gym equipment. Everybody who goes to the gym, whether a fitness pro or newbie has started in the same way. The people you see using the scary machinery and weights had to learn how to use them too. If you can’t shake the feeling, ask for an induction session with one of the gym employees or personal trainers. They will keep you right and show you how to use the equipment safely and properly.

Be committed

In order to follow through with your resolution, you have to actually be committed to it. The resolution is not just for the month of January, it’s for the whole year. If you commit to going to the gym three times a week, that means you go to the gym three times a week, no excuses!

Get into the habit

It is said that habit formation takes 21 days. Psychologists define habits as learned behaviour and our brains like to take a sequence of actions and form them into a routine. If you attend the gym enough and make it part of your weekly routine, it will become a normal part of your life.

Change your eating

Eating healthy, tasty and nutritious food will keep you fuelled when exercising. If you’re eating junk all day and expecting to get excellent results from the gym, you may be disappointed. Find out what calories and macros you should be hitting in order to get the results you want and stick to it. Stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks and ingredients. Sometimes if the treats are not available to us, we won’t crave them. Treating yourself to unhealthy food is fine but try and take a balanced approach.

Download fitness apps

Health and fitness apps will keep you accountable. Myfitnesspal is a godsend for those of us who are tracking calories and macros. It’s easy to forget all the snacks and foods we have eaten in a day. Myfitnesspal allows you to scan in the packaging barcode and get all the nutrition details. You can also add your friends and share your weight loss/gain successes with them.

Mix up your workouts

Prone to getting bored quickly at the gym? You’re not the only one! We all get bored and fed up from time to time. Mix up your workout routine, switch between cardio, strength training and HIIT. Not every day should be the same.

Don’t do guilt trips

Overeaten junk food or missed the gym for a few days? That’s okay! Life gets in the way and sometimes we just don’t feel up to it. Just because you’ve had a bad day or week doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty. Guilty feelings can often lead to further self-sabotage and consequently, some of us completely fall off the health wagon.

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