Our Guide to Protein

If you follow us, you will know that our jerky and biltong contain high amounts of protein. But do you understand why it’s important to consume enough protein in your daily diet? If you’re not a body builder or fitness fanatic, you might not actually know why protein is so beneficial for your health. Here we have listed some reasons why protein is essential for good health, and how jerky and biltong can help fill your protein needs.

What is protein?

Proteins are molecules which are large in size. Once consumed through various food groups, the amino acids in these molecules react in the body by helping strengthen mathlete-barbell-body-931321uscle, hair and nails. Proteins play a crucial role in the development of both a child and an adult’s body as they help to develop and repair organs as well as tissues.

How is protein good for me?

Protein works well to ensure that all the organs of your body, both internally as well as externally, are functioning at optimum level. They are the builders and repairers of the human body, helping us develop resistance to sickness by strengthening us. General wellbeing benefits include those of a person’s internal organs.  If for example, you were to consume a bag of beef biltong/jerky, the protein in this biltong/jerky (once broken down) will help to create enzymes, hormones and other bodily chemicals. These in turn, assist with the functioning of the main organs. Our bodies are made up of bone, muscle, skin, blood and cartilage and protein is the main contributing factor that ensures the preservation and functioning of all of them. Without any of these performing the way they should be, your body will slowly start to shut down.

We use beef, chicken and salmon as proteins in our meat snacks. However, let’s use beef to display the nutritional benefits of getting protein from biltong or jerky.

  • The protein in beef is a high-quality type. It contains all of the essential amino-acids that are required by the human body.  The protein in beef is also highly digestible at around 94%. While essential proteins can be found in non-meat sources such as beans and wheat, the protein in these is less ‘efficient’ being only around 78% and 85% respectively.
  • Beef is also a great source of iron and zinc.  Iron is used by our bodies to produce haemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen through our bloodstream. This provides us with energy and is one of the key benefits of eating red meats.  The zinc in red meat helps our immune systems, helping us to stay healthy and combat bugs and germs.
  • The majority of essential B-group vitamins can also be found in red meat, all of which are essential to overall health.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in red meat. Beef is second only to fish as a source of these. Again, they are essential for our immune systems and help to maintain a healthy heart.

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