Our round up of 2017 and your favourite blogs

We wanted to share with our tops blogs of 2017.  These are the most visited, shared and liked over the year

  1. So, what is biltong and why is it considered a delicacy? In this post we explain all.
  2. BodyPower 2017 was an epic event with over 110,00 people visiting over the 3 days at the NEC.  We enjoyed it that much that you can see us again in 2018.
  3. We know you love jerky and/or biltong and that’s why we shared with you where our beef comes from and the skill that has gone into making your favourite snack here.
  4. A really easy read about what we put into to our jerky.
  5. Jerky explained…all the things you always wanted to know about jerky here.
  6. Looking to mix up the variety of snacks that you have? Read more about why you should include jerky and biltong.
  7. Satisfy your snack cravings with a pack of Cruga Biltong.
  8. We reviewed which top A lister’s snack on jerky too.

Wild West Jerky and Cruga Biltong

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