Our roundup of BodyPower Expo 2017


What a great weekend, three days filled of excitement, athletes at their peak, a host of athletes from the world of body building, power lifting and more.  Plus, all the leading health, fitness and nutrition brands exhibiting.

We sampled more jerky and biltong than anyone could possibly eat in one weekend!  With some people trying it for the first time to those that always buy in bulk because they get through so much jerky and biltong.  With Wild West Jerky and Cruga Biltong being recognised by most to Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky and STRIVE Biltong for those that are watching the calories.

Thank you also to our brand ambassadors that made the weekend so memorable by sharing their love of jerky and biltong with everyone at the show, Sylvester, Ramone, Francesca, Tao and Linford.

BodyPower 2017 Brand Ambassadors

We’re now planning for 2018.  Will you be joining us?

If you can’t wait until then for more jerky and biltong stock up today from our shop and use code ‘Bodypower’ for a 15% discount.


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