Rowing the Atlantic with Team Noble, being fuelled by Wild West Jerky

Team Noble and Wild West Jerky

Firefighters are inspirational people anyway, however some may be more inspirational than others and we’ve found two in the form of Team Noble and are supporting their inspirational challenge with supplies of Wild West Jerky.

Team Noble will be rowing the Atlantic Ocean later this year in memory of their friend and Watch Manager, John Noble.  The challenge is the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which is an endurance race of 3,000 miles across The Atlantic Ocean, with the team having to be self-sufficient for up to 100 days at sea.  Which is why we are supplying them with Wild West Jerky as it’s tasty, high in protein, has a long shelf life and more importantly doesn’t need refrigerated, it is also light too.

Team Noble is made up of Allan Huntly and Kris Elliot, two firefighters based in Stirling.  Team Noble are taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge to raise funds for The Firefighters Charity in memory of the friend, colleague and Watch Manager, John Noble who died because of a road traffic collision involving the fire appliance he was travelling in, whilst responding to a call out.  With the other members of the crew, including Allan Huntly being left with extensive injuries.  John had spent 23 years in the fire service and been involved with Urban Search and Rescue and travelled to Russia to train firefighters in Road Traffic Collision Extraction.

So far, the team of Allan and Kris are training 4 times a week on their rowing machines as the boat is in Devon being fitted out for the race.  Both members are also concentrating on ensuring they maintain and gain weight as they will lose up to 20% of their body weight during the race.  Wild West Jerky will be used by the team during their training sessions to keep them fuelled and as it’s really light and comes in watertight packs making a perfect on board snack for them.

When the boat returns to Stirling they will have to log 72 hours of sea trials and will be doing this off the West Coast of Scotland to prepare them for crossing the Atlantic.  The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are supporting the team with their sea trials with the loan of a RIB boat.

As part of their self-sufficiency they will be supplied with Wild West Jerky to keep them fuelled on the journey.  The journey begins in Canary Islands and ends in Antigua.  The jerky will ensure that they have plenty of high protein snacks on board that will last for their 100 day journey at sea.

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