Salmon Jerky Pasta Salad

Salmon Jerky is not just for snacking on you can also use it to sprinkle over your favourite salad as a topping.Salmon pasta salad

We’ve taken our favourite mix of pasta, spring onions, cucumber and a little mayo to keep it all together.  We’ve then sprinkled Wild West Sea Salt & Black Pepper Salmon Jerky to give it the hit of protein and omega 3 we all need.

When you’re looking to make your lunch in a hurry salmon jerky makes the perfect addition to your meal prepping session, as you can keep a pack in your cupboard, in your bag, or in your desk drawer to cover any snack emergency.

Salmon jerky is high in protein, high in omega 3 and at only 122 calories per 30g pack you can snack on it guilt free.

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