Should I Drink Protein Shakes?

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to consume protein after a workout. Anybody that is hoping to lose fat, build muscle or be toned should have protein after hitting the gym. Protein helps to recover and grow your muscles and it also boosts your metabolism to aid weight loss. Protein is one of the main nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy body. This is why protein shakes have become such a popular trend amongst fitness fanatics. The type of shakes that are blowing up the market just now are whey, casein and egg, and these all cater to different nutritional needs.

If your goals are to build muscle or lose fat, protein shakes can be a great way to increase your protein intake to meet your nutritional needs. You should aim to get your protein from actual food sources, and protein shakes should only be used to help meet your macros on top of your food sources. Protein shakes will not cause muscle gain, you have to train well and ensure that your nutrition is correct. Just drinking protein shakes alone will not have much of a positive impact on your health.

alora-griffiths-750406-unsplashWhen Should I Drink Protein Shakes?

The time of day you choose to drink protein shakes will be dependent of the results you want from them. You can drink one immediately after a workout, so your muscles can take in the protein to help recover and grow. You can drink one before a workout to create an anabolic window. This window will help to reduce muscle damage as you train. You can also drink a protein shake first thing in the morning to get essential nutrients after fasting during your sleep.

What If I Don’t Like Protein Shakes?

You don’t have to use protein powder in a shake. You could try adding protein powder to your porridge in the morning. You can also get protein from other food sources, so you don’t have to drink protein shakes if you do not enjoy them. Eating lean meats like chicken and turkey will help you increase your protein intake. You could also try snacking on biltong, hard boiled eggs, nuts and protein bars to meet your protein macros.

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