Should You Make Jerky at Home?

At Wild West we are committed to producing our jerky to the highest standards of safety and quality. That is why we employ a highly qualified technical team who use their specialist knowledge to bring you the safest product possible. Every batch of jerky is carefully made and monitored throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure that it meets food safety criteria, at all times.

The process of making jcomfort-control-cooking-213162erky is a complicated one and this is, perhaps, a compelling reason for not trying it at home.

The ingredients for the marinades are carefully chosen to ensure that water is locked away and unable to be used by micro-organisms for growth and the production of pathogens. The quality of the meat and other ingredients are also critical, as is any storage – contaminated ingredients are not a good start for a safe product.

The cooking process, too, is carefully designed to kill the microorganisms that are present in raw meat. This requires strict control to ensure that the correct temperatures are achieved, at the correct time in the cook. Get this wrong and you will end up making the microorganisms heat resistant and they will not be killed. The process must be carried out in such a way that the meat is pasteurised before it is dehydrated. Pasteurisation will kill any bacteria in the meat and dehydration will prevent them from re-growing. We will not let our product leave the factory until all of these parameters have been checked, measured and verified. Would you know what temperatures and moisture levels are correct? Could you say, with certainty, that you have dried your meat to the correct level to prevent any microbial growth?

Our processes are designed to be extremely safe and are checked and monitored by careful auditing and continual testing of finished products and the equipment used to make them.

So would you still consider making jerky at home? Let us know what you think.

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