What snacks to take out with you on the slopes this winter?

Winter is here and the Winter Olympics are underway in PeyonChang, bringing us two weeks of the best winter sports has to offer.   From skiing to skeleton, bobsleigh to biathlon, curling to cross country skiing, there are so many winter sports that Team GB will be competing in.

But if you’re not a budding curler or bobsleigher than winter still brings plenty of opportunities for being outside an active.  There’s nothing better than a long walk through the frosty countryside or building snowmen and sledging not matter what age you are.  For something more adventurous why not head out winter mountaineering or ice climbing (make sure you are experienced and have the right gear and planned your route) which are all easily accessible in the UK.  We’ve even got 5 ski resorts and various snow domes to take advantage of getting on a pair of skis or snowboarding too.

With all this activity you’ll need to think about what snacks you take out with you to make sure that you last all day.  You’ll need something that is high in protein and low in fat and that is easy to carry too.

Wild West Jerky Skiing

So why should you take jerky out with you this winter…

  1. Jerky is low in fat and low in calories so it’s relatively guilt free too
  2. It’s available in lots of flavours and as beef, chicken or salmon jerky so you’re sure to find one that you’ll like
  3. It’s also gluten free
  4. Plus, it’s high in protein too
  5. Our Wild West jerky is made from beef silverside or 100% British Chicken breast or Scottish farm Atlantic Salmon so you know that it’ll taste really good
  6. It doesn’t need refrigerated so you can take is anywhere, although if you’re out in the snow it’ll stay quite cool anyway
  7. All our jerky is made in the Highlands of Scotland really close to the mountains and ski areas. In fact, our salmon facility is in the Cairngorms National Park.
  8. Jerky has been around for 100’s of years so it must be doing something right!


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