Snacks that are under 100 calories

There’s a lot in the media at the moment about how many calories we should be consuming per day and Public Health England have suggested new guidelines about how many calories we should be eating per meal.  This is on top of the new guidelines that advises parents to limit their children’s snacking to twice a day at 100 calories or lower.

So where should you start as it can be quite confusing.  We’ve put together a list of our jerky and biltong that you can pack in your child’s lunch box or pop in your desk drawer to ensure that you are helping to meet these calories guidelines as part of your daily snacks.

  • 69 Calories, Cruga Biltong: With only 69 calories in a 25g bag, Cruga Biltong is a sure winner for the lunch box. It’s tasty, and it’s soft for your little ones gnashers. It’s also low in sugar, high in protein and gluten free. Cruga Biltong also comes in four great flavours Original, Chilli, Smoked and Peppered
  • 72 Calories, Wild West Chicken Jerky : With only 72 calories per 25g pack and in a delicious Fajita Spice flavour what more would you want than fajitas on the go.
  • 79 Calories, Wild West Original Beef Jerky : With only 79 calories in a 25g bag and 38% protein and Gluten free, beef jerky covers many areas that you are looking to build into your daily nutritional needs. Being in a 25g pack it can be enjoyed in a single serving (Honey BBQ 77 Calories, Jalapeno 78 Calories)
  • 91 Calories, Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky: Don’t let the name fool you, children can enjoy chomping down on this snack. Made with prime lean beef, there is only 91 calories in a 30g bag of Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky. This jerky is also high in protein, with 12.8g of protein per pack.

So, it’s not under 100 calories but Wild West Salmon Jerky is pretty close at 119 calories per 30g pack and not only is it gluten free and high in protein it is also high in Omega 3, which is great for our minds too.

To recap:

And see how jerky and biltong compares to some of your other favourite snacks, less fat, less calories and more protein.

Cruga Biltong how it compares to other snacks

Wild West comparison to other snacks


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