Team Noble arrival date in Antigua expected as 8th February

Those good winds never quite arrived this week and our arrival date has been pushed back to the 8th February.  We had what we thought was a good approach North of Antigua, then the wind changed and started to push us down South.  We thought we could adjust gradually, but the seas were too big and we risked capsize if we turned North so South West it was.

It’s amazing how the weather can change your mood, though we are quite high spirited, the drifting South can have a bit of a negative effect.  We have had quite a few hard days rowing and we are hoping for an Easterly wind to blow us into Antigua. We have Frigate Birds flying about so we know we are close as there is a colony on Barbuda.  We even saw one catch a flying fish while the fish was in mid- flight, Karma after Kris was hit in the face by one a few weeks ago.

Our Family and Friends are now in Antigua awaiting our arrival.  We have spoken to them and are now using “The Atlantic War Office” to advise us of weather changes and when we can expect the Easterly breeze.  There are Family and Friend briefings going on advising what will happen and what to expect when we get there.  It sounds like the Families are all meeting up and introducing themselves.

We have decided to open up our last bar of Galaxy Chocolate to celebrate the last 200 miles.  It tastes delicious.  All we need now is some Easterly Wind.

Thank you again for following and supporting us, it is appreciated.  This is a bit of a short update as basically we have just drifted and apart from watching the east looking for wind and rowing as best as possible to the West, not much has happened.  The next update should be of us arriving in Antigua, to be fair we expected to do it between 60-80 days, so we could be a bit faster.



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