Team Noble – first update from Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

On Thursday, 14th December at 12:30 hours, Team Noble, consisting of Kris and Blair, started the race.  Atlantic Challenge did a Facebook live and it was good to see the support they had over there.  All Teams got a great send off.  The weather looked good and spirits were high.

During the afternoon Blair was hit by sea sickness quite badly.  The sea and winds were not helping either.  They left an hour and half after the first boat and along with the other pairs and solo rowers they were affected by waves, currents and winds that made life difficult.  Into their first night they contacted the Duty Officer who informed them that they were in a group at the back of the race and most of those boats were being affected.  They decided, like the others to put out a para anchor (this holds them in place, hopefully, until the weather improves.  It’s a large parachute on approx. 100m of rope that is placed in the sea and opens up slowing them down.  A bit like putting the brakes on).  Blair was still being seasick and Kris was having to put in a lot of effort to keep them in position.

A message received from them on Day 2 stated: Weather not great, temperature 23 degrees, dolphins were following them and they came within shouting distance of another rower.  Blair was feeling a bit down with seasickness and Kris was feeling very determined. They made good progress albeit in some strange circles, if anyone is watching on yb race app.

On Day 3 Blair was feeling better and had started to eat,  they were going to make their first proper meal, up to this point they were only snacking, well Kris was, Blair was sicking!!!!  They felt good and made some good progress……….. until 19:30 hours on Saturday night.  The weather turned again and the waves were 1-2m coming in one direction with the wind in the same direction all pushing them East towards Africa.  It was too dangerous to try and row into the waves and so they chose to go with them.  They held station for a few hours and at approx. 01:10hrs on Sunday morning they adjusted course and headed South West to get back on track.

They are still with a small group of rowers at the rear but there’s plenty of time to make up.  They have another two weeks heading South West then they’ll head West .  I’ve just spoke to Kris, Sunday 13:30hrs, the weather is still tough. 4m waves and they are just going along with them, thankfully they are being taken in a westerly direction.  The downside of big waves is the speed you come down them which is a risky manoeuvre, too fast is bad.  They knew it would be hard but it has really surprised them how hard doing even the simplest of tasks is.  Once they stop rowing they just fall asleep.

So far they have travelled approx. 95 miles. Hopefully next week’s update will be more positive and less choppy.

The team are raising fund for the Firefighters Charity and you can donate here.

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