Team Noble update us on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2017

With only a few months to go to the start of the Talker Atlantic Whisky Challenge we took the opportunity to catch up with Team Nobel on how they are getting on preparing for the event.

Kris and Blair


  1. Explain the challenge that you are about to take?
    We are about to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a 23ft wooden boat from La Gomera near Tenerife to Antigua in the West Indies.
  2. Who is going on the journey and how did you put the team together?
    Myself and my younger brother, Blair Elliot, we have raised the funds and trained for the last 3 years. We initially had a team of four and have had to make several changes to the final 2 along the way. Now the team is myself and Blair.
  3. Why are you undertaking this challenge?
    We are raising funds for the Fire Fighters Charity in memory of my old boss John Noble who was tragically killed at work with the Fire Service in 2008. The funds raised will help other Fire Fighters through the physical and mental issues they could face in the line of duty.
  4. How many days training have you completed and what has been the biggest challenge?
    We have been out on the water either at sea or on the beautiful lochs of Scotland for over 100 hours. Our biggest challenge has been controlling an ocean going boat near the jagged rocks of Scotland’s coast, out in the Atlantic we have nothing to hit just the sea to worry about!!
  5. What types of food and drink will you be taking on the journey?
    We have over three quarters of a million calories on board the boat, these have to be lightweight and high in calories which is why Beef Jerky has been so good for us. Our main meals consist of rehydrated meal packs of which we have over 500 for the journey.
  6. How will you manage eating, sleeping and rowing with just the two of you?
    We have to run in shifts the whole trip 2 hours on 2 hours off, even through the night!! With Blair working offshore and with myself being in the Fire Service we are used to shifts and working unsociable hours!! On our 2 hours off we have to eat, wash, carry out tasks and maintenance and sleep.
  7. Finally, what are you looking forward to most on the journey?
    The sense of achievement and the amazing highs and lows our bodies and minds will go through. This is the ultimate test and its not going to be easy!!

You can donate to Team Noble chosen charity The Fire Fighters Charity here.


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