Thanks Giving Snacks with Texas Joe’s

With Thanks giving approaching , Texas Joe’s Beef Jerky is the perfect snack for enjoying at Thanks Giving, while your turkey is cooking and you’re waiting for the Black Friday sales to start.

Packed with big Texan flavour, Texas Joe’s Beef Jerky is a taste of the USA made right here in the UK. To give the jerky an authentic Texas BBQ taste, Texas Joe’s is marinated in a special recipe with no added MSG, flavourings or preservatives and then slowly cooked and smoked over Applewood.

Texas Joe himself comments: ‘Y’all can be sure of true Texan flavour with my beef jerky.  Made from silverside of beef and marinated for 24 hours to ensure it soaks up all that Texan goodness.  It’s slowly cooked and smoked to create great tasting, tender beef jerky, perfect for all Jerky Rangers.’

Texas Joe’s Original Beef Jerky won a 2016 Great Taste Award with the judges comments including ‘good looking jerky, a good balance of spices and sweetness, bringing out the beefy flavour’

Available in Sainsbury’s, Asda and The Co-op, enjoy Texas Joe’s Original Texan Flavour or Texas Joe’s Low & Slow BBQ.

Texas Joe's Beef Jerky

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