The six nations are here!

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The Six Nations Rugby Championship starts this weekend and it looks like the home nations have everything to play for.  With 4 weekends of top international rugby ahead it’ll be a great few weeks between now and the final day on Saturday 17th March.

Now the Six Nations is upon us we may be more inclined to go out and give rugby a try for ourselves too.  Find out where your local club plays and if you don’t fancy joining them on the pitch, get along to the games and give them your support.

If you are taking to the rugby pitch remember to take some biltong with you, along with your rugby boots.  This high protein snack makes for a great post-game pick me up and it helps your muscles repair after a hard session on the pitch.    Protein is essential for building and repairing your body such as muscle re-growth, skin, hair and bones and this makes biltong a perfect snack.  As your body does not store protein you need to eat regular amounts throughout the day and especially after training.

In terms of the protein content each 40g pack has 22.1g of protein per pack, which makes for a perfect portion to spread out your protein intake throughout the day.Cruga range

We’d always recommend that you snack on Cruga biltong as part of a healthy balanced diet, but who can’t resist a bit of biltong in it now and again.

Plus, biltong won’t go off in your bag if you forget about it until your next training session (we’ve all found that squashed, quite brown banana lurking at the bottom of a bag).  It’s made from beef silverside that has been hand prepared, marinated and air-dried, which helps preserve biltong as a snack.  Cruga Biltong doesn’t need refrigerated and will last up to 12 months in its sealed packet.  What more do you need from a high protein snack, it’s ready when you are.

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