Tim and Tom Coronel – Who are they and follow their Dakar 2018 adventure.

MDT-6977Following in the footsteps of their grandfather, a legendary motorcycle racer, and their father, who enjoyed success in touring cars, Dutch twin brothers Tim and Tom Coronel found their passion for motorsport at an early age as well. They both started their careers in the Citroën AX Cup one-make series in The Netherlands, but soon stepped up to race in single-seaters.

In 1997, Tom won the prestigious Masters of Formula 3 at Zandvoort and sealed the Japanese Formula 3 title in the same year. Two years later, he won the Japanese Formula Nippon title and also made his debut in the Le Mans 24 Hours. After a one-off Formula 1 test, Tom started racing in GTs and touring cars. He has competed in every round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship from 2005 until the end of the series in 2017.

His twin brother Tim focussed on touring cars in his home country, but found a new passion when he first took part in the Dakar Rally in 2008. Meanwhile, he has ten Dakar participations to his name and made it to the finish in eight of them. Tom Coronel did the Dakar Rally for the first time in 2009, together with his twin brother, followed by three more solo participations. This year, the two are in the same car again.

Wild West is supporting Tim and Tom and the team with lost of jerky to get them through the 2018 Dakar Rally.  Find out more about the team here and the rally here.

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