Do you want to start pacing during races? Paul Addicott shares some advice with us

Pacing has revived my passion for running, and I Pace a lot. I’ve been lucky enough to pace for a number of high profile events this year, including the London marathon, and I still have Berlin marathon, amongst others, to come. So, for me, it’s important to get the pacing strategy right.

Pacing isn’t just important for the pacers, it’s something all runners should consider. Getting your pace right will help you achieve your full potential, making running feel easier.

Many go off too fast at the start of a race, and I’ve fallen victim to this numerous times before. The longer the race the more serious an issue this becomes and as you burn your energy, and you will slow down. The perfect race is one where you can run evenly. 

Many advocate the negative split, and in truth if you get your pace right you paul2can achieve this from a sprint at the end. In reality this is about ensuring you don’t go off too fast. You need to make sure you are pushing as hard as you can, without going over, if you want a pb. 

Ask yourself a question, can you maintain this pace until the end? If the answer is yes you can probably afford to speed up, if no then slow down, if the answer is maybe then this is probably right. It’s this element of doubt where the pbs happen. 

An even pacing strategy works best. Only you can decide what pace that is, and it should be determined by training, knowing what you are capable of and getting better with practice. 

If you have a target time, a pacer is a good person to keep in sight so they can keep you on an even pace. 

Over shorter distances it may be possible for you to just dig deep and go for it, but for longer distances this wont work. Often to speed up over a longer distance, you must slow down, finish strong and finish faster.

Don’t worry if you don’t get your pacing right every time… have fun running, enjoy it and the rest will follow. See you on my next funbus. 

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